Clear Wax. How much does one can cover?

When I made my first purchase of Annie Sloan chalk paint and clear wax, I was so excited!  I couldn’t wait to crack off the tops and makeover some old furniture.  A quart of paint and a can of wax was a pretty penny and I wondered how long it would all last before I’d need to restock.  Happily, the paint and wax lasted through many projects. Even with a few extra coats for some trial and error, I was able to wax an impressive amount of furniture!  Below is a list of how much furniture one can of clear wax covered for me.

clear wax
clear wax
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From Dresser to Bench

Here’s the story… of a lovely dresser… who was missing two of its top lovely drawers.  Both of them had curvy fronts, just like the others, but they were long gone.  Til the one day I went to an estate sale. I knew it was much more than a hunch…  That this dresser must somehow form something useful, That’s the way it turned from dresser to bench!  From dresser to Bench, from dresser to bench… that’s the way it became a beautiful bench! (Or coffee table!)

Lindsay dresser before

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From Trash to Treasure

A patio table makeover

Can you believe someone threw this out?!  I was driving along, minding my own business, when I saw this perfectly good little table left for trash.  One glance at it & I knew it could easily go from trash to treasure!  I threw my blinker on and pulled right up to it.  A quick inspection confirmed it was in great shape and promised to be a quick and easy update.  Read on to see the transformation!

table makeover

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A screen time cleanse

Let’s face it… most of us spend way too much time in front of a screen. We use a computer, TV, tablet, phone, or video games on a regular revolving basis.  I’m no expert, but it’s pretty clear that too much of anything can be a bad thing, and taking a break or cutting back can be very beneficial for a person. For the past 3 years our pastor has challenged our church family to the No junk in July challenge.  This challenge was to focus on no screen time.  No TV, no video games, no social media – basically no garbage.  Think of it as a “screen time cleanse.”   Doesn’t that sound nice? (Thank goodness he didn’t mean no junk food, that would be going TOO far!)

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Black & Tannery… a dresser makeover

About a week ago I was chauffeuring my boys to and fro when I noticed a small dresser at the end of a driveway.  As I drove past, I told my shortest that if it was still there on the way back, I’d stop and check it out.  I can always use a good piece like this for another dresser makeover.  Sure enough, on our way back, it was there!  It had a sign taped to it – FREE!  My guess is that there was a tag sale there and when it started to pour, the people put everything in their garage and this just didn’t fit.  I quickly looked it over, and checked all the drawers.  Although wet, it was a solid piece in good working order.  My tallest helped me load it in our minivan.  (Ahh, the perks of being a soccer/baseball/scout mom.)  before


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Chevron Telephone Table Makeover

Chevron table makeover

It was a dark and stormy night.  The rain beat down on the windshield as the wipers frantically tried to clear the enormous drops of water away.  I squinted as I drove down the dimly lit and windy road.  Around a bend, my headlights flashed across a squarish figure.  Curious, I slowed my car and took a closer look through the blurry windshield.  There it was. Abandoned. Alone.  Thrown to the curb and lifeless.  I pulled over and made a speedy assessment.  I was certain I could revive it.  I scooped it up and quickly placed it in my SUV.  If it survived the night, I would operate…  This was a new beginning for an old, yet sturdy telephone table that was in desperate need of a chevron makeover!

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Traditional Mid-century dresser makeover

Nick's dresser

It was time for an update in my teenage boy’s bedroom. After having the hardwood floors redone, and painting all the walls, trim, doors, hardware, AND a bookcase headboard I found on the side of the road; he still needed some ‘real’ furniture.  The new addition would be a traditional mid-century dresser makeover.  We had a sturdy piece given to us that had been sitting in the basement for a few years.  “Perfect!”, I thought… until I dug it out of the corner that unfortunately was damp.  One side was a mess with warped and cracked veneer.  I already had an idea of how I wanted to paint this piece and when I went to Ezra’s Mercantile (one of my favorite local stores) to get my Napoleonnic Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I talked to the shop owner about my dilemma.  She gave me an idea of how to easily remove damaged veneer and it worked like a charm!  Once that was taken care of I went to town painting the frame.

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How to remove damaged veneer

Salvage that piece of furniture before you toss it out!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t turn down free furniture – even if I don’t have an immediate need for it.  If it is a functional, sturdy, and paintable piece, I want it!  Over the years, generous family members have passed on miscellaneous pieces of furniture to us.  While I was busy with young children, most of these ended up in storage in our (what I thought was) dry basement.  Come to find out, it’s not that as dry.  🙁  The time came when my oldest son needed grown up furniture, and I had the perfect traditional mid-century dresser to makeover for his recently updated room.  I made my way to the farthest corner where it had been sitting for a few years, and much to my dismay one side was pretty damaged…and I was pretty bummed out.  Still, I had my heart set using this dresser and I was determined to make this work somehow.  I ended up getting a great tip from the owner of Ezra’s Mercantile where I buy my ASCP.  Here are the steps I took on how to remove damaged veneer.

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Tripod table makeover!

Tripod table makeover

I found this cute little table for just a few bucks at a tag sale.  I had just left an tripod table makeoverestate sale a few doors away and only had $3 left in my pocket.  My exact words to the seller were, “I don’t want to offend you, but would you take $3 for that little table?”  She said yes!  It’s not solid wood, but it has nice lines and there’s a hinge underneath the top so it can fold up.  It could make a cute plant stand or side table, and it seemed like a good piece for a wax paper transfer process I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.  Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home.





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